ATE Vietnam leads the adhesive industry in sustainable development, application innovation and technological change, and constantly creates long-term value for the adhesive and sealants industry.


ATE Vietnam First Run in 2023

ATE Vietnam is one of the branding shows of adhesive, sealant and tape industries, which focuses on Southeast Asia. It’s the best choice for global enterprises to invest and develop the Southeast Asian market.

ATE Vietnam 2023 Opening Countdown
About ATE Vietnam

Vietnam has experienced strong economic growth, with GDP per capita growth making Vietnam the fastest growing country in the world. From 2000 to present, Vietnam has grown an average of 6.4% per year. Even though the global economy is unstable, Vietnam's economy is still capable of recovering. 

We soon recognized there was no place that championed the material and its solutions or an event that brought together the technical and manufacturing adhesive and tape community and its full supply chain in Vietnam. Therefore, ATE Vietnam was born.

2024 Vietnam International Adhesive and Tape Expo (ATE) is launched as a co-located show with the "21th China (Vietnam) International Chemical Exhibition" to attract more of the same highly focused and relevant audience. The show will gather more than 100 famous exhibitors from China, Malaysia, Korea, Japan and other countries and regions; attract more than 10,000 professional visitors and buyers from industries like footwear, textile, packaging, electronics, electrical appliances, furniture, construction, energy, transportation, medical, light industry and so on. 

Co-locate Events

Chemical Industry Expo Vietnam
RubberTech Vietnam
Vina Coatings
ATE Vietnam Hot Topics

“Sustainable Development”

In the transition pathway to an increasingly circular economy, adhesives and sealants contribute to product efficiency and circularity, creating a more sustainable society and tackling the ongoing climate crisis.


Adhesive and tape technologies is leading today’s markets and shaping tomorrow’s through its adhesives, sealants and functional coatings. We enable the transformation of entire industries, giving our customers a competitive advantage and offering consumers a unique experience.

Adhesive and Tape Industry: a dynamic and successful industry

Adhesive and tape is the key materials applied in many industry due to their unique function. Bonding and sealing play an essential role in thousands of everyday items: From your mobile phone to your car, your washing machine to your shoes, the construction and weather-proofing of your house, to the tissues you use when you have a cold. All of these items (and many more) rely on adhesives and tape. 

Exhibiting Area
20000 +
10 +

2023 ATE Exhibitors

New Hot Melt Label Adhesive Solution

Vietnam factory of Kaili New Materials openned on June 8,2023

BOSTIK AND POLYTEC PT: Thermal Conductive Adhesives

Featured Exhibitors


ADHESIVES AND SEALANTS EXPO is the first and only event in the industry, which gathers adhesives, sealants, PSA tape and film products in the world.

Based on 27 years' constant development, ASE has won the reputation as one of the leading shows worldwide in terms of its vast scale and grand impact. The exhibition is committed to building an exchange and trade platform, presenting innovative applications of high-performance bonding materials, and displaying new results, ideas and  trends of adhesive industry. 

We established an ideal platform for our exhibitors and user industries, like automotive, electronics, new energy, medical, construction, packaging, furniture and so on; generate energy and opportunity for the green and efficient development of end-users.


CCPIT Sub-Council of Chemical Industry

China Adhesives and Tape Industry Association

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